The Megan House Foundation founder Timothy Grover announced an innovative program launched in partnership with Health Helm, Inc. to provide its Trusted Success Coach mobile health support for its residents recovering from substance use disorder. During the initial 4 months of the program, residents and graduates have demonstrated strong, sustained compliance of 69% in self reporting daily questionnaires and tasks.

Megan’s House is a comprehensive residential recovery treatment home for young women between the ages of 18 and 26 who are recovering from drug dependence and other co‑occurring disorders. Its multifaceted approach to the treatment of substance use disorder includes evidenced-based practices to build each young woman’s foundation for meaningful, substance-free lives. Megan’s House considers aftercare placement (including to its affiliate Success Home, Erin’s House) and ongoing recovery support a vital component to long-term recovery. 

Grover and The Megan House Foundation team aim to provide mobile support, care coordination, and communication between Megan’s House Success Coaches and their residents, graduates at Erin’s House, and other alumni living independently after treatment through Health Helm’s mobile app, Trusted Success Coach.  “Staying connected to a trusting and supportive team is a key element for successful recovery,” states Tim Grover, Founder of The Megan House Foundation.  “We are excited to offer our residents and graduates this opportunity,” he continued.

Current residents and graduates using the Trusted Success Coach app report,

  • “I feel connected.  It’s good that [Coach] reaches out to me.  Good to have someone who cares; who keeps me on my toes.”
  • “It keeps me on track.”
  • “It keeps me motivated when I’m having a tough week.”

The Success Coach using the platform reports, ” “The TSC app allows me to better support our residents and graduates.  It provides me a view into their recovery and lives I wouldn’t have otherwise.”

“Using the TSC app keeps me connected to our residents and graduated. It creates a level of comfortability that permits an open dialogue between myself and these young women.”

Health Helm, Inc. — a growing digital health company successfully commercializing a superior post-acute care plan adherence solution — announces its expansion into the chronic care domain with the signing of new customer The Megan House Foundation.  “Joining forces to support its treatment of young adults struggling to overcome the devastation of substance use disorder is a natural fit. Our mobile app and web-based portal are easily configurable and provide a strong closed-loop communication link between clinicians and their charges. The app collects daily lifestyle and behavior choices from those in recovery and maps those choices against the adherence goals of their individual treatment plans.”

“People seeking treatment for addiction are a large, growing, and underserved population,” Ms. McNamara continues. “It complements our continued dedication to the post-acute care market and post-operative markets, like orthopedics, where we continue to invest heavily.” The Megan House Foundation implementation joins together its evidence-based treatment approach with Health Helm’s rich data collection and analytics capabilities.


About The Megan House Foundation, Inc. 

The mission at Megan’s House is to improve the quality of life of its residents through an evidence-based substance abuse treatment program that emphasizes individual dignity, self-respect and empowerment. In doing so the treatment team utilizes flexibility, support and outstanding client services to meet individual needs and establish a culture that promotes wellness and success.

About Health Helm, Inc. 

Health Helm, Inc. has developed its proprietary Trusted Patient Coach and Trusted Success Coach software platform to address the growing problems of high post-discharge hospital readmissions and non-adherence by patients to medications and care plans. This platform closes the communication loop between patients and their clinicians, is configurable to post-acute and chronic conditions, and uses real-time analytics and other functionality to support patients, clinicians, and providers. Health Helm, Inc.TM is led by a team with extensive healthcare, clinical trial, and patient adherence experience.

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