The article below is reposted from Southcoast Health, with a quote from our CEO, Pamela W. McNamara above.

Health Helm is excited to be partnering with Southcoast Health System to offer Trusted Patient Coach (TPC) to their surgical patients. We are confident that TPC enables patients to stay connected with their clinician teams, leading to a better recovery and a positive patient experience.

Southcoast Health is introducing a mobile app to help patients with the process of recovery from surgery after being discharged from the hospital.

The Trusted Patient Coach™ Mobile App is designed to improve surgical outcomes and reduce the need for emergency department visits by enabling clinicians and patients to easily connect 24 hours a day.

“We are pleased to partner with Health Helm to offer this latest in health care communications technology to our patients and their clinicians,” said Keith Hovan, president and CEO of Southcoast Health. “The Trusted Patient Coach Mobile App is one more way that Southcoast Health is using technology in innovative ways to improve patient care.”

Because it supports 24-hour, two-way connection between a patient and clinician, the app will shed light on the ‘zone of darkness’ that often occurs when surgical patients return home from the hospital.

Currently, clinicians do not know if their patients are complying with the care plan they received at discharge, and patients or family members can be uncertain if symptoms are serious or just part of the normal healing process. The result can be a visit to the emergency department or complications that could be avoided if symptoms were identified early.

The patient or designated “coach,” who will usually be a family member, will download the app to a phone or tablet before the procedure. The app is password-protected and HIPAA secured to ensure privacy.

Communication will start as patients are preparing for the procedure, and after discharge clinicians will be able to monitor their patients’ condition and care plan compliance through a daily survey of 12 questions.  Patients will also be asked to report the medications they take every day.

Clinicians will monitor the patient’s progress and communicate with the patient or family member as needed. Patients or their coach can ask questions through the app.

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