Studies prove that engaged patients are more effective in the management of their medical conditions, resulting in healthier outcomes. Trusted Patient Coach (TPC) is a revolutionary approach that supports greater patient adherence with care plans. Attain the high quality outcomes and lower your costs by employing TPC in support of adherence.

Hospital readmission rates are high, leading to unreimbursed costs and penalties for hospitals. Post-discharge, patients are left confused about their care plan and medications, resulting in non-compliance, complications, and failed care. Patients require stronger communication prior to and post-discharge so that they feel supported and confident in their care plan. This will in turn reduce readmission rates, unnecessary in-person physician visits, patient dissatisfaction, and rising costs for the hospitals and providers.

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TPC is a mobile, secure, simple-to-use care coordination platform for patients and clinicians. By using this platform, clinicians help patients increase the success of their health care plan, thus reducing costs.

The app includes features such as medication monitoring and reminders, data and vital signs tracking, daily questionnaires, a photo diary, and a secure messaging system.