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Trusted Patient Coach (TPC) is a revolutionary approach to managing a patient's health.

With TPC, patients take control of their care plan. Studies show that when a patient is actively involved with the management of their medical condition, a measurable improvement is the result.

Patients are able to track medications, vitals - such as weight and blood pressure, activity levels, and symptoms right on their smart phone.

Patients will receive daily reminders, set to times chosen by them with their care professional - reminders to take medication, record blood pressure, or prepare for the next appointment.




Closed_Loop_System Patient Experience



Communication is also key. No waiting on hold, no automated voice responses. Patients connect securely and privately to their care provider and receive verification when their message is received.

Close family and friends are encouraged to support patients with TPC, with the consent of the patient. The chosen supporter can receive the same reminders and alerts as the patient, and become a partner in managing the patients health.


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