It has been nearly one full year since Health Helm, Inc. participated in Springboard Enterprises’ Tech Innovation Hub in New York City. Health Helm’s CEO, Pamela McNamara, reflected recently on the valuable takeaways from participating in a competitive program like Springboard, and how far Health Helm has come since.

Last September, our team successfully pitched to Springboard’s advisors to secure a spot in the competitive network’s Tech Innovation Hub. The pitch alone proved to be a refreshing and valuable experience for Health Helm because the exercise compelled us to carefully examine our short- and long-term strategies, and home in on our goals as a company. Rarely has such an exercise promoted so much personal self-reflection and development for me as a company leader.

The Springboard Bootcamp itself was an exciting experience that greatly benefitted our team. During the Bootcamp, we deconstructed our entire company strategy, and began to reconstruct it with the support of Springboard’s advisors.  The incredible advisor network of strategic partners, successful entrepreneurs, and investors coached me and the thirteen other impressive CEOs who were chosen for the 2016 Tech Innovation Hub. I emerged from the Bootcamp with a clearer message for Health Helm’s patients, clinicians, providers, and our investors.

What were some of the biggest takeaways?

We confirmed that Health Helm has the right focus. The advisors agreed that Health Helm has a clear target market, with identifiable target customers. They also agreed with our strategy to conduct and publish a formal clinical study. While such a study takes time to complete, it provides invaluable clinical evidence that we are achieving our patient care goals with honesty and efficacy. The study demonstrates that our platform works well in the hands of patients and providers. Additionally, it demonstrates the configurability required by hospitals, which will only work with a broad-based platform.

The second big takeaway came when we addressed how to deliver an impactful business pitch. I have been delivering presentations in high-powered business situations for over thirty years, but Springboard’s Bootcamp reinforced that there is always more to learn, and always room for improvement. While repeatedly dismantling and rebuilding Health Helm’s investor pitch felt frustrating at times, the exercise succeeded in strengthening our message. It succeeded in prompting my own internal reflection on my strengths and my abilities to lead a team. The Bootcamp reminded me that investors are not only interested in the business idea, but just as importantly in the complete leadership team, which in our case is incredibly strong.

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