Last month, our CEO, Pamela McNamara, spoke at the U.S. Navy’s Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) Leadership in a Diverse Environment. The agenda addressed the challenges and opportunities that women face in leadership positions, both in the Navy and beyond.

McNamara was excited to be involved as NAVSEA launches this empowering movement, at a time where it is more critical than ever. As Admiral John Richardson, Chief of Naval Operations noted, “Diversity shines light on the biases and barriers” faced to win in today’s competitive environment.  Admiral Richardson highlighted the move towards autonomous systems, and the changing role of leaders that can interpret complex situations, adding value and opinions to situations that robots cannot, and executing smart, timely decisions.  

The talks at the event were inspiring, especially one by Nicole Manson, Legal Counsel at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, on “Leading with Courage, Confidence and Competence”.

McNamara’s own talk was titled, “Creating Your Personal Vision and Using it to Build High Performance Teams for Success”. Drawing from her own personal experience as CEO of industry leaders such as Arthur D. Little, CRF Health, and Cambridge Consultants, she spoke about harnessing the ‘common ground’ of her team members’ ‘personal visions’ to achieve bold results. Referencing work by Peter Senge and colleagues (in Senge et al’s book, Fifth Discipline Field Book), McNamara and those in her seminar shared experiences harnessing the power of personal visions and the common ground in mission-driven businesses and teams to achieve major impact and make a sustained difference.  

Mission- and Service-driven teams and businesses, when aligned around a core purpose or goal and when harnessing the best talents and thinking of a diverse team, achieve enormous and lasting results.  McNamara concluded her session spotlighting Health Helm’s mission to support patients and their caregivers in successful recovery.  The recovery journeys of residents are a long, tough road for those living at Health Helm customer, Megan’s House in Lowell, Massachusetts.  Use of Health Helm’s Trusted Patient Coach mobile app is making a difference keeping residents connected to their coach and community, and on track in that recovery journey.

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