Help Your Patients Help Themselves

Studies prove that when patients are engaged in the management of their medical condition, patients are healthier and outcomes are more successful. Trusted Patient Coach™ (TPC) is a clinically validated approach that keeps patients connected to their clinical team through a mobile app used by the patients and monitored daily by the clinical team. TPC is simple to use by clinicians and patients, reflecting  the Health Helm’s global clinical experience.  Initial results of an ongoing clinical study demonstrate TPC supports early interventions to prevent unnecessary Emergency Department or doctors’ visits, complications or other issues.  TPC provides a baseline on patient adherence to the medication and care plans defined by clinicians.   Attain the high quality outcomes and more cost effective care coordination you and your patients seek by employing TPC in support of adherence for post-acute and chronic conditions.


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Receive Automated Alerts

Track the key metrics that indicate whether patients are trending in the right or wrong direction. Define alerts that will allow your team to provide earlier, more impactful interventions when patients are out of target ranges. This allows you ongoing monitoring of your patients' status without adding to your team's workload.


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Communicate Directly With Your Patients

Send messages directly to any patient's smartphone and receive confirmation when they read it. Secure, closed-loop communication eliminates the headache of missed  messages. Your patients will appreciate this hassle-free communication process and will value your outreach.


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 HIPAA-Compliant and Configurable

TPC includes a secure physician portal in addition to the patient smart phone app. Using the portal, you set the tools to align with your team's existing workflow. TPC adjusts to you – not the other way around.

Tailor the parameters to each patient's individual care plan. Determine which elements you want to measure and monitor. Set out-of-range alert flags to what you need and what your patient will respond to. Make changes and adjustments over time as desired and keep everything in one place. All patient-reported data is stored in a secure database and becomes a searchable history of their care plan activity.


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